The story from P’ienca takes you back to Peru.
Periuvian women make a new lifecloth (levensdoek) every year.
These cloths are woven by hand and are used for daily life, like carrying the
childeren, food or other groceries. That is why they are called ‘life’cloths.
The material from these cloths, are very strong, as you can imagine. For the
production of P’ienca, we use these lifecloths. Together with our ‘Mama’s’ in
Peru, we can make the most beautiful items with the colorful cloths.
Because every cloth is different, every P’ienca piece is one of a kind.
Thanks to the production of P’ienca, these women in Peru have a job.
Of course, all the Mama’s work for fair wages and have good working conditions.
So when you buy a P’ienca item, you don’t only do something good for yourself,
but also for the P’ienca family in Peru!


P’ienca fills your life with color and happiness. The happy and colorful
items from P’ienca will put a smile on your face, all day and every day.
Decorate your house and garden with the pillows, poofs and plaids and
bring the bags with you wherever you go.

The Mama’s made the items with love and pride, so you can
enjoy it to the fullest.

from Peru